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Bleach characters’ Skype names


As requested by tolpen49. :)

It’s time to take a look at Bleach characters’ Skype names! And in order to see them in action, we’ll just pretend that everybody is calling Ukitake. Because, um, he’s home sick so much that everyone resorts to Skyping him?

1. Ichigo: Protector_of_All

Protector_of_All is calling!


Ukitake: Glad to see Kurosaki is embracing it, I guess.

2. Hitsugaya: CaptainHitsugaya

CaptainHitsugaya is calling!

Ukitake: Shiro! Hi!!

Hitsugaya: …

Hitsugaya: Was my user name not clear enough?

3. Soi Fon: If_I_have_to_call_twice_you_die

If_I_have_to_call_twice_you_die is calling!

Ukitake: Long….yet effective.

4. Yachiru: KoiThiefExtraordinaire 

KoiThiefExtraordinaire is calling!

Ukitake: Huh. I wonder why she has that name…

5. Kukaku: Kaien_Shiba’s_big_sis

Kaien_Shiba’s_big_sis is calling!

Ukitake: [sweats nervously]

6. Aaroniero: Dead_Kaien

Dead_Kaien is calling!

Ukitake: ….

Ukitake: Wait, what

7. Ganju: SelfAppointedNumberTwoSkypeCaller

SelfAppointedNumberTwoSkypeCaller is calling!

Ukitake: Self-appointed?

8. Lilinette: YourDEATH

YourDEATH is calling!

Ukitake: What a great name! So bold! So forceful!


9. Byakuya: Byak-yaself-up

Byak-yaself-up is calling!

Ukitake: Somebody should really tell Byakuya that nobody keeps the Skype name they had when they were fifteen.

Ukitake: And also that his still doesn’t make sense.

10. Kyoraku: YourBestFriend

YourBestFriend is calling!

Ukitake: Awww!


Ukitake: Wait is that his name for everybody?

11. Urahara: FriendlyNeighborhoodShopkeeper

FriendlyNeighborhoodShopkeer is calling!

Ukitake: See, this would be funny if you hadn’t almost caused my subordinate’s death.

12. Aizen: emptyThroneoccupier

emptyThroneoccupier is calling!

Ukitake: Well!

Ukitake: I sure hope he’s calling to explain what the hell that means!

13. Szayel: PerfectionItself

PerfectionItself is calling!


Ukitake: What

14. As Nodt: Your_worst_nightmare

Your_worst_nightmare is calling!

Ukitake: Something tells me whoever this is, they don’t get their calls answered very often.

15. Rukia: World’s-most-perfect-ass

World’s-most-perfect-ass is calling!

Ukitake: Um…hello?

Rukia: Hello, Captain!

Ukitake: Rukia??



Rukia: I signed on with my private user name.

Ukitake: Um yes.

Rukia: Not my work user name.

Ukitake: Yeah.

Rukia: And then I called my captain.

Ukitake: Seems so.

World’s-most-perfect-ass has disconnected.


Ukitake: Weird day.


my character doesn’t just need lovers

They need enemies that break them and force them to test their morals

They need friends that will backstab them and hurt their feelings

They need an enemy that will become a friend

They need friends that they would lay down their life for

They need people so close to them that they might as well be siblings

They need fights and conflict and battles that could leave them broken and inches from death

My character does not just need lovers


Anonymous asked:

" um o-okay then mr- uh ichigo. Um i like your living room it's very nice." the boy tried to make small talk with the man to keep the tension thin. " so um i wan't you to know that i didn't touch your daughter in any way that you didn't want to so you don't have to worry about that. In fact i saw her knock out 5 guys today. No wonder she's the captain of our karate team he he" he mentally slapped himself for being an idiot.

"Oh she did? Glad she’s using the training her mother gave her. She hits like her mom, ya know? Never EVER get her aggravated or pissed at you…it will hurt like hell. Especially if she decides to do what her mom used to do to me…leap up and kick me square in the face."

Text my muse one of the following…


  • [Text]: There’s blood. There’s a lot of blood.
  • [Text]: I’m going to need a ride home. Don’t ask why.
  • [Text]: Mission failed.
  • [Text]: I may have accidentally handcuffed myself to the stairs.
  • [Text]: When you get home, remember this. It wasn’t me.
  • [Text]: I hear the voices when I’m dreaming.
  • [Text]: Are you naked?
  • [Text]: Come over to my place and play strip poker.
  • [Text]: What do you prefer, chocolate syrup or whip cream?
  • [Text]: Answer me honestly. Am I hot?
  • [Text]: Do you wanna have a sleepover?
  • [Text]: Truth or dare?
  • [Text]: That’s illegal.
  • [Text]: I’ve always wanted to hear you beg. How about tonight?

Anonymous asked:

his eyes were a little dilated due to fear and he was slightly sweating. He bowed awkwardly " h-hello m-m- Mr. Kurosaki i'm *insert name* i-i-i-t's ni-ice to-o m-met you". He slightly prayed that haruka wouldn't take so long in the kitchen.

"Call me Ichigo. No need to be formal."

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